Got the idea to do an iterative drawing exercise from “Draw with Jazzer” on YouTube (video linked below) and decided to try it out today. I figured a self portrait sketch was a good place to start, so I took a couple selfies of myself in my bathroom mirror and went to work. I grabbed a pencil with no eraser to force myself to keep drawing and not worry about stray lines. I set a goal to be able to get an adequate sketch of my head and face in 5 mins. I started off with a 10min time limit, and worked my way down to 5.

Jazzer suggested comparing your first and last sketches when you’re done to see the improvement. Gave myself a pretty good laugh at the end looking at the first sketch that took me twice as long as my final 5 min sketch. This was a fantastic exercise for me to loosen up, and let my engineer brain not be to anal–retentive about the small details.


First Drawing *cringe* (10mins):


(I drew this when I was how old?!? haha)



Final *much faster* (5mins):




Draw with Jazzer’s video about practicing.