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“Masks” – Abstract art piece [art blog]

Created this piece for a college class where we were asked to visually represent two different “masks” of our personality. I went a little abstract and chose engineer, and dreamer. Enjoy.

Video – Rogue Air Commercial

Here’s a previous project I did for Rogue Air Trampoline Park in Medford OR. They wanted a short commercial for their YouTube and social media advertising campaign, and asked if I would put something together for them. They sent me a bunch of footage from the park, I spent a couple hours in an afternoon putting this together using Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects.

Subdivision Applet Update

First update to my current project. I added some interactivity to my subdivision demo applet. Here’s a clip of me manipulating the vertices of the model, and then performing a couple iterations of subdivision. I’m pleasantly surprised at how powerful this applet is with how few features I’ve coded into it. Subdivision is a really dynamic concept.

Basic Implementation of 3D subdivision

Started a project to play around with the concept of subdivision in 3D space to create complex geometry algorithmically from simple starting points. Created this little applet using Processing 3, the Java based coding environment. It’s based on OpenGL with an large emphasis of visual art contexts. #gottastartsomewhere.