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Web Portfolio: Vancouver Medical Massage

Vancouver Medical Massage is a custom WordPress based website I created for the Vancouver Medical Massage clinic. It was designed, developed, and launched by myself. I continue to maintain the property. The responsive design is completely custom for the business, simple to edit for the doctor and his staff. Development from first sketches to final launch took about 5 weeks.


The website is hosted at:

Web Portfolio:

I have managed Dr. Burbank’s web properties for a little over 10 years now. Dr. Burbank’s clinic the Accident and Injury Clinic has gone through several iterations of websites over the years, all of which I have managed, and many which I designed myself from scratch. The current iteration is a WordPress based solution, with a template based design for easier content curation and updating by people with limited web development knowledge.


This website is hosted at:

Web Project – BYU-Idaho Upward Infographic

While working for BYU-Idaho, I was asked to help put together the university’s online magazine Upward. For this issue they asked if we could tryout some “parallax” scroll based animation on some of the infographics. I was put in charge of the Legacy Moments: Yesterday infographic, and working with graphic designers we created this interactive animated infographic for readers to enjoy.