First post on my site! Guess you gotta start somewhere. So, I guess let’s start with me…

All about me!

(more or less…)


Who are you?

I’m an engineer, a maker of things, a creator of magic, an artist and a dreamer. Also, a delightfully confused college student with a hearty distain for ramen noodles.

Why yd.Burbank?

I’ve gone through a bazillion iterations of this online portfolio with an equally wide variety of designs and personal brandings. I’ve always hated the way my initials looked in any username or logo I designed. One day while trying to come up with a catchy Instagram name I came up with yd.Burbank pulling what I thought were the most interesting typographical characters from my full name and appending my last name with a period. It stuck, and has been my ‘callsign’ online ever since.

How long have you been doing this?

Depends on what ‘this’ is. Drawing has been an on and off side hobby in my life for a long time. As soon as I was able to use a mouse my grandma made sure I was in front of a computer, drawing. I got my hands on 3DS Max and Macromedia Flash (now Adobe Animate) when I was really young too. I taught myself to code when I was ten. And, I’ve been designing websites for well over a decade. I started studying electronics engineering my junior year of high school, and shied away from art for a while because I somehow got the idea that engineers couldn’t be good at art. Now I’m back to prove that wrong.